Consumerism, War, Corporate Greed, The Stock Exchange.
How are they linked to our own needs, the needs created by others? The abyss within us! , Filling the gap! Increasing Gap! A collaboration with Victoria Whatmore, based on her original Poem.

“The Lure of Stufff”

The lure of stuff

How they twinkle

How they shine

Oh how I wish

That they were mine.

They are just what I need

To make me complete

And how good would they look 

Covering my feet

They make her look good

So lean and trim

I bet they would make me 

Look that thin.

I want, I need and I must have

These trinkets, these fashions,

Society’s fads.

We’re told what to eat

Told what to wear

The lure of stuff 

Is always there.

We’ve become the consumed

Driven by fear

Of not fitting in 

Or getting our share.

The lure of stuff

Is nothing but greed

The adman has told us

What we need.

To be the best

To be the top

To be the beautiful

Disguise the rot.

Stifle the questions

We don’t want to think