Down The Rabbit Hole?

Heartist, Haktivist, Healer*
Yopunk* aka Yoso aka Azart*

Exploring Consciousness through Culture & Artistic collaborations*!

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YoPunk* Is back!

(Human) Nature,

Virtual & digital? analog?
Mirrors & REflections that shape the world!

YoPunk believes in culture with no borders.

Heart to Heart and Eye to Eye.


Are you aware of your ‘own’ dreams?

What do ‘YOU’?

Really means?

Brave enough to embrace the Unknown?

Let’s Jump Down the Rabbit Hole!

Follow Your Heart, Trust Your Intuition!

Through the Looking-Glass?

What do you see?


Past Shows & Collaborations!

CHINA POWER OFF – Video Projection, Supporting Cao Fei, “Opium War”, Battersea Power Station, Serpentine Gallery.  London. UK.  

NEOTOPIA – Interactive prototype – Concept by Manuela Pfrunder

TAMASII  Live Performance – Lowlands Festival. Netherlands

HERO – Installation – OFFF Festival – Barcelona, Spain.

WE WANT YOUR SOUL – Installation, “X-Care” International Design exhibition – Taipei. Taiwan

DREAMS AND CONFLICTS – Installation & Live Performance – OFFF Festival – Valencia, Spain.

CHAOS – Live Performance – DJ Vadim/Ninja Tunes, Barcelona. Spain.

CHOPPER – AV Experiment – Stuffman – Worldwide

FRENETIC FEEDBACK RESONANCE – Live Performance – Aaron Spectre – Bristol. UK.

RUPTURE MIX – Live Performance – DJ Rupture – Bristol. UK.

BRAINDROP – Mc Mash Clan – London

PANIC MODE – Live Performance & Installation – OFFF Festival –  Valencia. Spain.

SUMMER OF LOVE – Live Performance – London Elektricity – Big Chill, Easton. UK.

YO PUNK – Krakow Film Festival – Krakow. Poland.

YO PUNK – Addictlab Gallery  – Brussels Art Fair – Brussels. Belgium.

ROCKET – Weather King, Miyazaki, Japan.

Other Highlights & Collaborators such as Nike, Diesel, MTV, Webby Awards, Shift Magazine, Blueprint Magazine, Creative Review, Create Online, FIFA, American Express, Artemis Productions, Cargo, Arkaos, DJ Elephant Power, Stanton Warriors, Marcel Kaman & The Texelse Boys.