Dreams & Conflicts

The Circus that passes through the town, Colourful Lights, Clowns, Rainbows and Fanfares, are inviting us to Join the show.

Pretty Visuals, Mesmerise me, take me there…

Initially first shown at the OFFF Festival circa 2006 in Valencia as an Installation and Audio Visual Performance (to the general public and an International audience of designers and artists); Dreams & Conflicts is part of a much bigger body of work and a wider theme, exploring Culture, Power, War & The power of subliminal Messages.

‘Pig’, An experimental Installation, Revealing the Truth about some aspects of the meat Industry.

Now being remastered to travel worldwide at the Speed of Light. It hopes to find a new Home In the Virtual World, So that History can not be rewritten but described as experienced through the eyes of the artists who were challenged trough the difficult times of their Era.

The Suffering is real when we look behind the curtain.

A reflection on the power of communication & advertising in an age of Monoculture, the beautiful colours and packaging, that often hide the underlying Production Mechanisms of a much darker Industry!

Keeping us away from the grim reality, the glitter; in a sense, is luring us away from what we ‘owe’ to know.

Global chains selling sugar, sodium, fat, GMO’s and animal torture, luring the kids with toys associated with their favourite Heroes and Entertaining brands.

Is there conscience behind Greed?

Hiding the impact on the environment and the atrocities that comes in the name of greed and profit, the industrial age of animal captivity and slaughter. We realise that, we as Humans, might be trapped.

Manufactured by design, we all have the potential to become magicians, creating illusions indeed!

Once the pretty visuals captivated the audience’s attention, Dreams & Conflicts, would reveal, without warming, what was hiding behind the curtain.

The atrocities of the slaughter house, with clips that had been captured by workers, that also served for the promotion of PETA.

Reverse Engineering? Is it a fair figtht?
Sure, there are better ways to learn as we go?
Is there any other way, than learning as we go?

The choice is yours!